ArTec Lie Detector Kit For Kids. Build it Yourself! (Retired)


Learn about the flow of electric current and resistance with this fun, build it yourself Lie Detector kit. Help your kid take the next step toward becoming a super spy while learning about real scientific, and psysiological principles.

Use this kit on yourself and your friends! Touch fingertips to this miniature polygraph to learn about the electrical resistance of the human body, and you can use this kit to test household objects to see if they will conduct electricity, too! Learn about the physiological effects of lying on the body, and explore how some of those effects can be measured and displayed.

An excellent psycology/psysiology learning kit, perfect for the classroom, and for home use. Stimulate your child's mind, and scientific curiosity, and learn about electronics sensors while having tons of fun with your kid(s). Make a fun game out of it by taking turns getting caught in a lie, and see if you can tell when one is coming.

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Nurture a love for science! Included is a easy to understand instruction sheet that will help you and your child to plan the experiment, put that plan into practice, analyse the results, and improve upon them.

IMPORTANT Use under adult supervision. Contains small parts, keep away from small children!

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Package Contents:

ArTec Kid’s Lie Detector Kit. Build it Yourself! Kit for ages 8+

– Main Body (papercraft housing)x 1
– Base x 1
– Analog Meter (displays sensor readings)x 1
– Polygraph Circuit Board x 1
– Aluminium Plate x 1
– Double-sided Tape x 1
– Instruction Sheet for polygraph assembly, and basic principles related to the way the system works.

Recommended Uses:

This polygraph kit is ideal for use for exploring how the body physiologically responds to stress, and how it is possible to detect those responses using electronic sensors. Generally a polygraph uses the combination of heart rate, perspiration, breathing rate, and blood pressure to detect whether or not a person is lying. This simple kit monitors some of these factors and allows you and your child to actually assemble and test a lie detecting unit.

This kit is a great, fun way to learn about psychology and physiology and how electronics interact with the two areas in our modern world. Plus it’s the only time your kids will enjoy getting caught in a lie ;D!

What is a Skin Conductance (SCR) sensor?

A Skin Conductance Sensor, also known as a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), or Electrodermal response (EDR) sensor is just a fancy medical term for measuring the resistance of your bodies skin. Conductance is the inverse of resistance, which just means one divided by your resistance. As your body sweats and undergoes different stress levels (generally associated with lying) there is a noticable change in the Conductance of your skin. It is the job of a Skin Conductance Sensor to detect those changes.

The reason your body conducts more electricity when you are stressed is that your sweat has electrolytes (salts) that conduct electricity well in water. Most people begin to sweat more before and during a lie which makes it easy to detect with the right equipment.


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