Artec Fly High Air and Water Rocket With Study Guide (Retired)


Looking for something fun to do over summer break? Have loads of fun with this Fly-High Water Rocket Kit from Artec!

Learn about lift, thrust, drag and gravity. Discover how rockets work by conducting different experiments using air and water to propel this rocket.

Do variety of tests to see which combinations and amounts of each are required to get the longest distance, or greatest height!

Nurture a love for science! Included is a easy to understand and fully illustrated study guide that will help you and your child to plan the experiment, put that plan into practice, analyse the results, and improve upon them.

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IMPORTANT! Small Parts, keep away from small children. Rocket can travel around 196 feet, or 60 meters. Pay attention to your surroundings, and only use the water rocket in wide, open spaces. Do not point towards any people or animals, including yourself. You will need a manual bicycle pump and an empty plastic soda bottle from home.

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Package Contents:

Artec Artec Fly High Water Rocket for Ages 8+

– Decorative Stickers
– Yellow Foam Pad
– Pad Connector
– Wing/Fin Connector
– Launch Platform
– Bottle Cap
– Wings/Fins
– Study Guide

What is a rocket, and what makes it fly?

In a real rocket, you have fuel and an oxidant to burn. They enter a chamber inside the engine, and explode! The force created by the explosion is expelled out the back, and the rocket is thrust forward.

Rocket engines work according to Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Engines push rockets forward by expelling their exhaust in the opposite direction.

This type of rocket uses water as its fuel, and compressed air as an energy source. Air, as you may have guessed, is light. It won’t bog the rocket down, and for its size, it holds a lot of energy. Water is dense, and it makes an excellent fuel because of it. It creates a great deal of inertia as the water is thrown backwards out of the tail.

When launching, the rocket’s mass is mostly water. The rocket’s body has a lot of stored energy because of how tightly the air is packed in. When you finally launch the rocket and allow the water out, the compressed air pushes down on the water, and the water pushes upward onto the compressed air. The upward force conveyed by the process forces the entire bottle to go!


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