Artec A1 S-Rider Solar Cell Car Kit (Retired)


With this fun building kit from Artec, you'll be putting together a small car and doing some neat experiments!

Learn a bit about series and parallel connections with an easy slide switch (no wiring required) There are 6 different tests and 3 productions to try out. When you make the Motor Car, you will learn a bit about series and parallel connections with an easy slide switch, no wiring required! You can use two drive systems, either a gear system, or a pulley.

Build a Propeller Car with the motor on a post. How fast do you think it will go compared to one propelled by batteries? Write down your results, and then try out the next test with the solar cell instead!

IMPORTANT! Small Parts, keep away from small children. Use the car in safe places with adult supervision.

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Package Contents:

Artec A1 S-Rider Solar Cell Car for Ages 8+

– Car Body Top x 1
– Wing/Spoiler x 1
– Car Body Base x 1
– Front Wheel x 2
– Gear Wheel x 1
– Wheel with Pulley x 1
– Motor Holder x 1
– Connecting Cap x 1
– Metal Fitting 1 x 1
– Metal Fitting 2 x 1
– Metal Fitting 3 x 1
– Metal Fitting 4 x 1
– Pillar x 1
– Solar Panel Mount x 1
– Propeller Clip
– Motor x 1
– Propeller x 1
– Axel x 2
– Switch Upper x 1
– Switch Lower x 1
– Pulley x 1
– Miniature Bulb & Socket x 1 set
– Rubber Bands x 2

What is a Solar Cell, and how does it work?

A Solar Cell is also know as a Photovoltaic cell. It is an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect.

{The term “photovoltaic” comes from the Greek “phōs) meaning “light”, and from “volt”, the unit of electro-motive force, the volt, which in turn comes from the last name of the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, inventor of the battery (electrochemical cell). The term “photo-voltaic” has been in use in English since 1849. (source Smee, Alfred (1849) }


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