Arduino RS232 Shield converts RS232 to TTL (5 V) by Cutedigi (Retired)


Perfect for controlling a myriad of industrial equipment types with your Arduino boards, or interfacing with older machines and computers.

The Arduino RS232 shield uses standard RS232 protocols, and has a built in communication port compatible with industry equipment. Most modern Computers do NOT carry a true RS232 port at this time. This device is used in order to communicate with Industry Equipment that uses RS232 standard protocol.

We can't wait to see what you control with this board, and look forward to hearing how things work for you.

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Package Contents:

Arduino Compatible RS232 to TTL (5 V) Shield by Cutedigi

2 x 6 pin wire wrap headers (self solder)

2 x 8 pin wire wrap headers (self solder)

Technical Specifications:

Working Voltage : Range 5 (VDC)

Data Rate Maximum up to 120 Kbps

Industry Standard conversion chip

Supply Current (No Load, TYP 4, Max 10 mA)

Transition Slew Rate (Min 6, TYP 12, Max 30 on Inbound)

Transmitter Propagation Delay TLL to
RS-232 (Normal Operation) (TYP 1.3, Max 3.5 Microseconds)

Receiver Propagation Delay RS-232 to
TLL (Normal Operation) (TYP 0.6, Max 1 Microseconds)

Plug and play operation with existing Serial port based sketches and programs

Works with the Arduino Uno and Mega natively but requires 5V mode on the Arduino Leonardo.


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