$50 Online Gift Card for Virtuabotix.com


The perfect way to tell a nerd you love them! This $50 Online Gift Card for Virtuabotix.com is an excellent gift for you and the Electronics Geeks you know and love.

You can't always be sure what your friends have in their personal maker spaces, but you can certainly be sure they will be able to get more of the Electronics & Robotics gear they need with a Virtuabotix.com Online Gift Card.

During checkout you will have an option to send gift cards to friends and family or to send it to yourself. Once a gift card has been added to an account it can be split between any number of purchases, and it never expires!


What you get

1 x $50 Online Gift Card for Virtuabotix.com

How it works:

1.) Add any number and variety of Virtuabotix.com Online Gift Cards to your cart.
2.) During checkout just above payment details you will be asked how you would like use your Online Gift Cards. You will have two options: Send store credit to me, or Gift store credit to someone else.

Virtuabotix online Gift Card checkout selection

3.) If you select Send store credit to me the Online Gift Card code will be emailed to the email you put in the Email Address field during checkout. If however you select Gift store credit to someone else you will then have two additional options:

Virtuabotix online Gift Card sending instructions image

When you select Send to one person you will only have to fill out one email, and one message, but all gift cards will be sent to the same person. As you can see in the example above selecting “Send to different people” will allow you to send each individual gift card to a different person with a different message (don’t worry you can still send it to your own email too ;D).

4.) Get showered with love from the lucky nerd you give this Online Gift Card to, and hang out in their Maker Space so you can play with their new toys too :D!


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