Sunon 40mm Vapo-Bearing DC Fan (7 CFM, 5vdc, 0.9W)

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We picked up these DC fans to handle some cool environmental control applications that needed to operate at 5 volts, and figured everyone else could benefit from their glory as well. At only 0.9 Wattes and 5VDC these DC Fans give a lot of air flow at a small power and integration cost.

This tiny 40mm fans are still able to provide you with a solid 7 CFM air flow while only taking 5 volts @ 180 mA. Which makes these little bad boys perfect for a great number of cooling, and circulation projects.

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Package Contents:

Sunon 40mm Vapo-Bearing DC Fan (7 CFM, 5vdc, 0.9W)

Motor Specifications:

Fan Type: Tubeaxial

Size / Dimension: Square – 40mm L x 40mm H x 10mm W

Voltage – Rated: 5V ~ 5.5V DC (DO NOT REVERSE BIAS)

Power (Watts): 0.90W

RPM: 5800 RPM

Noise: 27 dB(A)

Static Pressure: 0.110 in H2O (27.4 Pa)

Air Flow: 7.0 CFM (0.198m³/min) @ 5VDC

Termination: 2 Wire Leads

Bearing Type: Vapo-Bearing™

Weight: 0.037 lb (16.78g)

Current Rating: 0.180A


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