Virtuabotix 4 x 6 cm Double sided Prototype perf board

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So you are ready to break down and start soldering your project together? Don't worry, we feel your pain, but with a little planning this part of the project can be a lot of fun too!

Be sure to pick up a handful of these, and duplicate your design on a solder-less breadboard first to make sure you get everything right, but once you know where you need to put things this board should be perfect for most simple projects.

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Package Contents:

•4 x 6 cm double sided Prototype perf board

Technical Specifications:

Family: Protoboards

Type: Double Side Copper PCB

Style: Double Sided Green Mask

spacing(pitch): 100 mil (0.1 inch or 2.54mm)

Hole Size: Approximately 1 mm

Mounting Type: screw mount


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