3W 0.56 Ohm Metal Film Resistor by Virtuabotix (Retired)


This ERG Metal Film 3 Watt 0.56 ohm resistor was selected specifically for motor-controller current sense resistors. They have an unmatched ability to stand up to high currents without becoming heat syncs and on top of that they are Flame Proof. You should get much better performance by using a Metal Film resistor in motor control applications than most any other kind of resistor.

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Package Contents:

1 x 1 x 3W 0.56 Ohm Metal Film Resistor

Technical Specifications:

Type/Composition: Electrolytic Capacitor

Type/Composition: Metal Film

Power (Watts): 3 Watts

Features: Flame Proof

Package Mounting Type: Through Hole

Package: Axial

Dimensions: 0.217″ Dia x 0.591″ L (5.50mm x 15.00mm)


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