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Luke Duzanica: Systems Engineer

Not everyone looks this cool in a basement.

Not everyone looks this cool in a basement.

Luke left Virtuabotix in February 2013 to focus on a new career path.

Luke joined Virtuabotix in late 2011 to help with the increasing demand for our products as a technician. He has since taken it upon himself to learn more and more skills that have helped propel him into a Design role.

Luke is a prior Naval Enlistee, who spent his time in the military as an Electronic Technician. His ability to work in a team environment and willingness to challenge decisions with which he disagrees makes him a valuable member of our team.

Since taking him onto the team we have been able to make excellent progress on many more products and designs than would ever have been possible before. His eye for detail and brutal honesty helped us to bring you the best we could possibly offer.

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