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[make_category_button title=”Microcontrollers & Chips” image = “×173.jpg” link = “” description = “Featuring our very own line of American Made Arduino Compatible devices.

Our Microcontrollers cover everything from Genuine Arduino products, specialty designs like the Versalino Nano, to raw Atmel chips for your next project!”]

[make_category_button title=”Loadboards” image = “×173.jpg” link = “” description = “Check out our ever expanding list of Arduino and Versalino Loadboards. With these boards the sky is the limit for your next project.

Plus when it comes to the Versalino don’t hesitate to suggest a new design if you think we should add a Loadboard to our arsenal.”]

[make_category_button title=”Communication & Data Storage” image = “×173.jpg” link = “” description = “Store loads of information with your next microcontroller project, and get your robots talking to the world with these awesome communication and storage devices.”]

[make_category_button title=”Motors and Actuators” image = “×173.jpg” link = “” description = “Move the world around you with these awesome gearmotors, servos, relay and motor controllers.”]

[make_category_button title=”Sensors” image = “×173.jpg” link = “” description = “Make sense of the world around you with our line of solid performing sensors that are all guaranteed to work as advertised, and get your project going that much faster!”]

[make_category_button title=”Robots & Electronic Kits” image = “×173.jpg” link = “” description = “That’s right! You wanted robots, well we’ve got them. Check out our line of Robot, and Electronic Kits, and as always feel free to make a suggestion if you think we should come up with something even more awesome!”]


[make_category_button title=”Prototyping Components” image = “×173.jpg” link = “” description = “What are all gadgets, gizmos, robots, and toys made out of? Stuff, they are made out of stuff, and usually that stuff (also known as components) can be located right here.”]

[make_category_button title=”Tools & Equipment” image = “×173.jpg” link = “” description = “So you want to design stuff, and actually put things together? Well we may have just what you are looking for. Check out our ever expanding list of gear.”]

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