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Bareduino328: Building your Barebones Microcontroller

Description: Need lots of Arduino Compatible controllers, but don’t need the price tag of a full development platform? This handy little kit is perfect for anyone who is experienced with the Arduino Compatible Micro-controllers, and needs to include a lot more of them in his/her next project. If you follow the steps on this page […]

Merry Christmas 2011!

Robot Christmas came early this year! And though nothing can beat a Robot Snowflake… Here’s Five Bucks off any of our Amazon products! Use coupon code GIMME5BK on any order of $40 or more from our products on Amazon. Coupon valid until 31 January 2012, only one use per customer.   *Robot Christmas is a […]

Modeling Platystrophia

Purpose: This article is the result of initial efforts to produce an accurate model of a Platystrophia, an extinct Brachiopod, common in the Ordovician (Platystrophia, 2011). The intent is to provide an accurate replica of several separate specimens for more accurate data collection, and as a test bed  for future projects. This article will briefly […]

A baby is born! Haza! ^^

we had baby boy at 0927 yesterday! I am so happy! It is all rather unreal, my wife put it best when she said ” it feels like a dream, where i am watching from someone else’s perspective, but then i realize i really have this perfect little boy.” I will obviously be rather busy, […]