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We now carry the Arduino Leonardo!

Since becoming official Arduino Distributors we have been carefully weighing the different platforms that Arduino has produced recently, and I have to say that we fell in love with the Leonardo right away. The ability to write USB Keyboard, and Mouse drivers out of the box makes this a really cool platform to work with, […]

The Versalino Nano Now Available!

This time we decided to up the ante. The Versalino Nano is a combination of everything you liked with the Versalino Uno, with the addition of several highly requested features on top of a dramatic miniaturization! At one inch wide and just over 2 inches tall this board is still 100 percent compatible with all […]

Product Guides, Libraries, and loads of other Resources!

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Featured Customer Project

Featured Customer Project Night-time “Cornhole Toss” While the rest of the world was content to play “Cornhole Toss” only during the day, one man stood up and shouted to the world no more! He stood against all odds and used the Versalino Uno to light up this once day time only game. Click here to […]