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Bareduino328 Plus: Regulate your Bareduino!

Description: The Bareduino328 Plus brings you everything the Bareduino328 does with the added bonus of including what you need to regulate your power rail and keep your Bareduino’s running smooth. Just one Bareduino328 Plus can be used t0 power several other Bareduinos or other five volt devices. Package Contents: • 1 x P-DIP ATMEGA328P-PU programmed […]


Bareduino328: Programming guide

Now that you have a working Bareduino, you’ll want it to do more then just blink over and over. So lets get into programming it. You will need the Arduino IDE to program your Bareduino. Click here to go to the download page of the Arduino IDE. There are many of ways to program your […]

Bareduino328: Building your Barebones Microcontroller

Description: Need lots of Arduino Compatible controllers, but don’t need the price tag of a full development platform? This handy little kit is perfect for anyone who is experienced with the Arduino Compatible Micro-controllers, and needs to include a lot more of them in his/her next project. If you follow the steps on this page […]