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Versalino Uno 1.1 Arduino Compatible Prototype to Production Platform Feature Image

Versalino Uno Resources

About the Versalino Uno Get your Versalino Uno today This is where it all began, the Versalino Uno is our premiere Prototype to Production platform, but what does that really mean? What that means is the Versalino is a system that has been developed to not only make it easy to learn and experiment with […]

Virtuabotix 1P DPAD Arduino Gamepad connected to Versalino Uno through Versalino Control

Arduino Gamepad: Versalino Control 1.0 Pin-Out and Usage

The Versalino Control Arduino Gamepad board was designed originally for use with the Versalino Rove as an external Joystick/push-button controller. The design has been used at the Colorado Engineering Summit, and the What If festival with great success. The Versalino Control is an official Versalino Loadboard, and as such is manufactured here is Colorado Springs, […]

Virtuabotix Buck Regulator Buckboard 5V 3A Voltage Regulator powering an led on a breadboard

Buck Regulator: Virtuabotix Buckboard 1.1 Pinout & Usage Guide

I am happy to announce that with the resounding success of the Virtuabotix Buckboard 1.0, we have upgraded the Buck Regulator board to the Virtuabotix Buckboard 1.1. The board has already found a home in loads of your projects, and I hope that this pin-out guide will help others integrate this awesome Buck Regulator into their own […]

Advanced Arduino Accelerometer Guide: Converting Analog readings to G-Forces +

By popular request our next project is to create a library that handles the MMA7361 3 Axis Accelerometers operation and translate the analog reading into something more “Physics Friendly”. There are several areas of concern when trying to create a library of this kind: First there is the problem of variances from one device to […]

Versalino Uno Arduino Compatible Development Board Video Getting Started Guides

This is a video getting started guide for the Versalino™ Uno. We are posting the first video now, but we have about eight other videos that will be up shortly. Step 1.) Gather Your Materials: You will need a Versalino Uno, a six pin standard FTDI programmer, a USB cable for your FTDI programmer, and […]

Arduino Compatible Bareduino328: LED Hello World Coding and Wiring Guide

Back to the Bareduino programming guide Now that you have a working Bareduino, and you have everything prepped for programming, let’s get it ready for the first program; the obligatory hardware equivalent of “Hello World” with an LED. The Two Steps: 1. Connect an LED between pin 13 and ground as shown in the image […]