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Building your Versalino Rove

Until now the Versalino Rove has only been available as a pre-assembled ready to go platform. That is great if you want your rover up and running right away with the special protective box, and you would rather pay for us to put it together for you.

This guide is meant to give you the option of a much more economical build, by showing you how to put the Versalino Rove together yourself.

Parts List:

Versalino Uno
Versalino MotorMaster
2 x Yellow Gearmotor and Wheels
Versalino Rove Laser Cut Parts
10 x 3M Bolts and Nuts, & 7 x 2M Bolts & risers, & 14 x 2M Nuts
Small phillips and flathead screwdrivers
Wire & Soldering Equipment

Versalino Sense & Move
Virtuabotix Ultrasonic Sensor

Gear Motors

Step 1:

The first thing you will need to work on will be the Yellow Gearmotors. They will need to have wires soldered on before they can be used on the Versalino Rove.




Cut four 8.5 inch strips of wire (preferably of two separate colors) and solder them to the terminals on your motors. For the purpose of this guide I recommend that you wire the two motors identically. Which is to say that if you use one color on the top you should use the same color on the top terminal of the other motor.



Your motors should look like the ones below (lizard not included).



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