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Anatomy of the new Virtuabotix “Card” Label

In the past we have never been too formal about our packaging, and it has been lots of fun producing fun avatars, and pretty much completely random Nerdometer settings (mainly for my entertainment, and maybe yours, too). Up until now that has been fine since our packaging was so simple and wasn’t really designed to have much information.

That said as you can see in the diagram below, the new Virtuabotix “Card” style retail labels have tons of information available for you and your customers all in a very neat and clean package that is perfect for presentation. The main changes that you will notice right away (other than the fact that the new labels are just plain awesome) is that we have increased the label size and significantly improved their quality. The larger size allows all the information to fit comfortably and the improved quality makes for  great presentation in a retail store or online.

Check out our new Indestructo boxes.

The Versalino Uno 1.3, Versalino Sense & Move, and Versalino Motormaster are just a few Virtuabotix products that will transition to Indestructo boxes.

So looking at the list of features above there are a couple of important take aways and changes to the way we have traditionally given you information about our products. One of the most significant changes to our previous labeling system is a formalization of the meaning of the Virtuabotix Nerdometer. To be perfectly honest, in a lot of cases previous Nerdometer settings were pretty much whatever I felt like and usually ended up a lot more like an “Awesomemeter” which basically told you how much more awesome one product was than another.

I of course kind of left the interpretation up to you guys on it’s real meaning, and I was surprised to find that there were heated debates on Amazon forums about the Nerdometers meaning. The most popular theme was that the Nerdometer was meant to advise you of the skill level recommended for use of a product, which at the time was not the case. After reading through the heated debates, I realized that maybe the Virtuabotix Nerdometer would have more value to our customers if it had a little more formalized meaning. So as can be seen above the Virtuabotix Nerdometer now indicates recommended skill level.

Finally the new labeling system has a designated way of indicating if a product is Made in the USA like the Versalino Uno and other custom designed Virtuabotix boards. Other boards that are tested, packaged, and warrantied by Virtuabotix in the USA, but are not necessarily manufactured entirely in the USA there will be an Avatar in this spot (like previous packaging).

In addition to the new Virtuabotix “Card” style labeling, some of our new products will also come in custom Indestructo boxes to make it easier to store, transport, ship, and sell them safely.

Of course any, and all of this is subject to change as we continue to improve our packaging, and I encourage you to ask any questions, or make suggestions on how we can further improve our packaging and presentation in the future. So let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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