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About Us

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About Virtuabotix LLC:

Virtuabotix LLC is a Rapid Prototyping and Hobby Electronics design/manufacturing company. Our team of highly skilled professionals represent over 20 years of combined Electronics Design, Computer Engineering, and Manufacturing experience. We are committed to providing our customers with unrivaled support, and a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry.


Every day our team of Engineers, Manufacturers, and Web Artists works hard to bring you better products, and support than can be found anywhere else in the World. It is always an honor to serve what we are convinced are the worlds smartest customers, and we are proud to have earned a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating for the past two straight years.


Our Business Model

We work on the open pricing, open source business model (though we reserve the right to maintain closed sourcing on individual projects as requested by clients and/or mandated by law). We will always provide up front honest pricing and answers to inquiries. Additionally, we hope that through a teaching spirit, and the open source business model, we can provide an outlet for the creative minds of our little corner of this world.


Our Promise

When you choose a Virtuabotix product you have our guarantee that it has been tested, properly packaged, and safely shipped. We guarantee your satisfaction with every aspect of our products and services, and we make it easy get your problems resolved (should you encounter any).


Where others may leave you to figure things out after you have made your purchase, we always ensure that resources are available before a new product is released, so if it is on our shelves you know it does what it is supposed to.

Joseph Dattilo, Founder Virtuabotix LLC

Joseph Dattilo
Joe is the driving creative force behind all of our products and services, and currently the person who develops all our guides and technical support documentation.
Katherine Dattilo, Co-Founder and COO Virtuabotix LLC

Katherine Dattilo
Katherine is in charge of our shipping and packaging. She is also a gifted artist and the mastermind behind most of our new product Avatars, and artwork.
Orion Taylor, Web Artist Extraordinaire

Orion Taylor
Web Artist Extraordinaire
While Joe may be awesome with code… there was just something lacking in his ability to “prettify” things, but as luck would have it Orion is a pro when it comes to prettyfication. It is in no small part due to his work that the site looks and feels the way it does today.