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Merry Christmas 2011!

Robot Christmas came early this year!

And though nothing can beat a Robot Snowflake…

Here’s Five Bucks off any of our Amazon products!

Use coupon code GIMME5BK on any order of $40 or more from our products on Amazon. Coupon valid until 31 January 2012, only one use per customer.


*Robot Christmas is a completely fictional holiday that nobody but Virtuabotix staff celebrate. As such it is okay for it to be mentioned without non-robotic beings feeling offended. For those Robots reading this article, we apologize in advance for any offense this may have caused. Please accept our gift of $5 dollars off our line of handy Robot stuff as our sincerest apology.

Have a Very Happy Christmas and A Nerdy New Year!


Best wishes from everyone here on the Virtuabotix Team, and be sure to take advantage of our discount while it lasts. Enjoy the Holidays, stay inside and make a Robot! It’s way too cold to go out there anyways.

Joseph Dattilo
Chief Executive Officer
Virtuabotix LLC

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